Darkhit Community

An Authentic 1-Day Experiecnce With Local Herders

(departing from and return to Ulaanbaatar, 9 AM - 5:30 PM)

A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY! Visit a community of herders, established in 2008, for the conservation of nature. Their primary income is from their dairy cows. While there, you will see and be able to participate in several of their daily activities.

Length of Experience

1 day, dpearing Ulaanbaatar 9am and returning by about 5:30pm

Location and Transportation

The Darkhit Valley Community is about 2 hours east/northeast of Ulaanbaatar, near Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Transportation to/from the community will be provided by the sponsoring organization.


70,000 MNT/participant includes community activities, bottled drinking water, and a mid-day meal. Proceeds will go to the herder community to supplement their incomes and build a community fund for conservation activities. A small administrative/coordination fee will go to NNC.

Group Size

Minimum of 2 participants; Maximum of 7 participants.

Optional Activities

may be arranged, weather permitting, for an additional fee (as indicated):

Participate with members of the community in building a ger. 60,000 MNT for a group of 1 to 7 people. (This can only be done when there is no rain and no wind.)


Explore the hillsides and forest by hiking or riding horses up to 2 hours. 25,000MNT/person. (Horse riding is not possible with rain.)


To arrange your visit, contact Tungalagtuya Khuukhenduu, Program Director, Nomadic Nature Conservation, Mongolia by e-mail at tungaa@nnc-mongolia.org