Uul Jargalant

An Authentic Overnight Experience With Local Herders in the Gobi

The “Uul Jargalant” Community includes 3 families who are committed to sustaining their traditional nomadic herding lifestyles in the Gobi and conserving the natural resources on which their lives depend. Their summer camps are near the Dungenee valley of the Zuun saikhan mountains, and their winter camps are further south. They work together to meet community-wide needs (like branding new foals, moving from summer to wintering places, and building gers) and help one another, as needed, throughout the year.

Each family has a combination of horses, goats and sheep, which they graze, milk, and depend on for their food. During the summer months, their diet is almost totally milk-based. Their winter diet includes more mutton and goat meat.

Length of Experience

1 night + 2 half-days OR 1 full-day

NOTE: Drinking water is not available in Dungenee Valley. Each participant must bring 4 liters of bottled water.

Location and Transportation

The Uul Jargalant Community is about 2 hours west of Dalanzadgad, near Gurvan Saikhan National Park. Transportation will be provided by the sponsoring organization and paid for separately. Sponsors may combine this community visit with additional plans and destinations.


240,000 MNT/participant includes 4 meals, community activities, and a basic administrative/coordination fee. Proceeds will go to the herder community to supplement their incomes and build a community fund for conservation activities. A small administrative/coordination fee will go to NNC.

* An additional fee will be negotiated with the sponsoring organization based on the level of training, oversight, supervision, and reporting required.

Group Size

Minimum of 2 participants; Maximum of 7 participants.

Optional Activities

may be arranged, weather permitting, for an additional fee (as indicated):

Observing wildlife with Bilguum and Enkhtur. 12,000 MNT


Going with Bilguun or Usukhuu on an extended hike (2 hours, 12,000 MNT) or horse riding (3 hours, 25,000 MNT).


To arrange your visit, contact Tungalagtuya Khuukhenduu, Program Director, Nomadic Nature Conservation, Mongolia by e-mail at tungaa@nnc-mongolia.org